Tales From The Bench:Essays on Life and Justice is a pioneering memoir about a neglected slice of Hawai’i judicial history. Judge Simms provides a unique, insightful and compelling account of her time on the bench as Hawai’i’s first African American woman judge. She candidly shares the cultural and political  events of her time, growing up in Chicago during the post WWII migrations, the civil rights era, and the strong supportive roles of her family, community, social networks, and church in her legal career.

She uses a storytelling mode to skillfully integrate her unique perspective into the cases over which she presided, taking the reader into the lives of abused women and children, the ravaging effects of crystal meth, and, an understanding of the value of diversity in preserving the integrity of our judicial system.

Chapters include:  How to Get Out of Jury Duty; Women and Broken Trust: Inside the Heart of a Judge,  and other intriguing heretofore unrevealed insights.

Judicial Swearing-In “Hawai’i Style” Judge Simms and her family, 1991



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