Getting Used to Being a “Writer”

IMG_3790It’s been a while since I’ve shared what has been taking place since I published this book in November. A whirlwind experience puts it mildly – while sales are not at NYTimes bestseller levels, they have been existent and somewhat steady.

A panel of my fellow Pacific Raven Press authors on Maui for the Aloha Writers Conference was my first foray into the world of “authors” and “writers”.  Not a lot of sales but a lot of learning.  I had a perspective – that of a sitting judge at some point – that no one else had. .. hmmm…  This could be something.

On a trip to my hometown of Chicago in March, a family and church welcoming netted a great party and nice sales. My brother and sister-in law hosted me at their lovely home (described in detail in my book!) with what amounted to a good old fashioned family reunion in the dead of winter!   It was so humbling to realize that my family thought so much of this project. I love them!

My husband’s sister invited me to speak  to her Soroptimist Club in Long Beach at an evening wine sip and I read, sipped wine and shared our life experiences. As noted in the book, I am a member of Soroptimist also so we had lots to share in common about our concerns for the well being of women and girls.  That theme runs through this edition of TFTB and I hope you have been inspired to address these issues in your own communities.

I have basically been selling the book out of the back of my car, rather than through book stores (except for the Saving Grace Bookstore at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago) – and that’s not a bad thing because I get around.  On more than one occasion, I have been in a parking lot, at the beauty shop, or at a grocery store and someone asks about the book – I tell them it’s in my car – some think I’m kidding – others crack up – but they buy it!

I’ve spoken to a Rotary Club and a Book Club – I find that sharing the “truth” about what I thought while “on the bench” (when I was not free to share or even have such thoughts, so objective I was) really resonates with people.  Judges are so isolated and removed that most find it almost refreshing to realize that judges are “people, too” with feelings, emotions and a genuine caring for justice.

I have a few events scheduled for this summer and I hope to sell more and have the opportunity to share with you and your club or organization.

I’ll be glad to come talk to you –

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